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 Peggy Miller Franck

 Prides Crossing
  The Unbridled Life and Impatient Times of ELEONORA SEARS

Eleonora Sears was a remarkable personality whose career encompassed many eras and played out on widely varied stages.  Aided by unique access to extensive primary sources, Peggy Miller Franck has succeeded in bringing to life this elusive, multifaceted sportswoman and pioneer feminist, and placed her story deftly within the context of its times.  Prides Crossing is the authentic, unvarnished record of a truly fascinating person.

--William Steinkraus, chairman emeritus, U.S. Equestrian Team Foundationn

A wonderful romp with an extraordinary character!

--Ben Bradlee, vice-president-at-large, The Washington Post

Peggy Franck best knows my raucous relative Eleo Sears - the profane, profound person who was America's great pioneering woman athlete.  Peggy gives us the warts-and-all story, and it does not have a happy ending.  Eleo won regularly at racket sports and in the show ring, but her life ended as a demolition derby.  This is an intriguing book about a gutsy warrior who battled the world and blazed trails for American women in sports.

--John W. Sears

Long before Billie Jean King, another strong-willed woman captivated Americans with a variety of sporting feats, from polo to tennis to long-distance hikes and beyond.  She was a Boston Brahmin, Eleo Sears - the mercurial, devil-may-care, outrageous heroine of a fascinating tale.

--Bud Collins, Boston Globe, ESPN

Now we have the real story, instead of the rumors and myths which have surrounded the always surprising Eleonora Sears.  Prides Crossing recalls the daring athletic star who pushed aside gender barriers in sports and in life.  It is a candid portrait of the proud, notably eccentric, irascible, and often admirable woman I knew.  The final judgment is left in our hands.

--J. Linzee Coolidge

Prides Crossing is a well-researched, delightful and necessary addition to the story of U.S. squash.

--James Zug, Squash Magazine